Selected works (2008 - 2010) Click images for more details.


Sonacom / Web-Site concept, Art Direction & Animation

Generative experience made for Sonacom, a Parisian Sound Studio.
Site nominated at The Fwa as Site of the Day.


Game (Score Games) / Storyboarding

StoryBoard made for Game in-store TV sequences.
commissioned by Marc @ Magu-design.


VolumeMax / Web-Site Art Direction & Animation

Buzz Site for the new Yamaha VMAX 2009 (commissioned by Buzzman).
Site powered with a cellphone action.


Goma magazine (Brazil) / Cover Illustration

Cover created for the first year of the magazine Revista Goma Brazil (Edition 12) dedicated to electronic music. Printed @ 110.160 at 300 dpi.


Puma / The Key illustration

Simple page spread for The KeyRainbow shoe by PUMA, specialy created for the 20th edition of Shoes-Up Magazine.


Puma / Tommie Smith 1968 illustration

Double page spread for Tommie Smith 1968 edition shoe by PUMA, specialy created for the 19th edition of Shoes-Up Magazine.

Jardin Du Michel

Jardin Du Michel Festival / AD, Key Visuals & prints

Concept & creation for the french festival Jardin Du Michel.
Web-site : Jardin Du Michel.

LSD Digital Art - LST

Designcollector / 6th Anniversary illustration

Contribution for the DesignCollector 6th Anniversary - part of the Masters work.
Crafted at 710mm.1000mm @ 300dpi.


LSD for Dior Homme (Summer 2009) / Illustration

Illustration based on a shoot by Karl Lagerfeld (Dior Homme / Fall Summer 2009) for the social board Ykone.

LSD Digital Art - LST

The Big Up Magazine / Cover design & Interview

Cover design & double page interview for the Big Up Magazine, issue 3 (march 2009)
Magazine available in the Big Up Shop.


Zazie / Mood Boards for the FM Air Clip

Mood Boards created for the competition of Zazie's clip Called FM Air.
Made @ Magu-Design for LILIWIP.


Data - Designers Against Tibetan Abuse / Illustration

Contribution for the DATA book.
Book on sale February 2nd, 2009. You'll find more details about the book here.


Trendsnow / Motion piece

Dedicated animation work created for the french board Trendsnow, part of an
they did with me.


Startup Challenge 2009 / Custom Toys

Custom toys commissioned by DDB PARIS, crafted as trophies
for the Startup Challenge 2009. Collaborative work with Cheeky


Puma / Mouvement & Mobility (Cabana II & Rider III)

Double page spread specialy created for the 21th edition of Shoes-Up Magazine.
Created with shoots of Cabana II & Rider III shoes under the theme Mouvement & Mobility.

LSD Yamamoto

LSD VS Yamamoto / Illustration

Illustration based on a Yohji Yamamoto model, made for the social board Ykone.


Diamantal / Canvas

Experimentation with random colours & prisms (scripted tests)
Personnal experiences, printed on canvas.


D+I+B / Illustration

Personnal Artwork.
Originally crafted at 300mm.430mm (300dpi).


NO1BC01 / Drug information campaign & book

To be published late 2008, including A5 size prints and 400mm.600mm prints.

LSD Toca Me 2008

TOCA ME 2008 (Germany) / Illustration

Double canva illustration for the Toca Me 2008 in Germany. Collaborative work with Sebastian Onufszak.

LSD Magu-design

Magu-Design / Canva Illustration

Illustration produced for the new landing page of Magu-Design.

LSD Angel

Angel / Illustration

Personnal Artwork (non-profit).
Originally crafted at 150mm.200mm / 300dpi.

LSD Parlograph

Concentration V0.7 / Poster for Parlograph

Poster project built up for the Parlograph project.
Available @ 400mm.600mm for 260€ on the site.

LSD Ministry for Evoke

LSD - Ministry for Evoke / Illustration

DIN A3 Poster built up for the Evoke Crew.

LSD for Puma

Puma / Illustration for Shoes-Up Magazine

Double page spread for the 917 Rainbow Flava shoe by PUMA, created for the 18th edition of the Shoes-Up Mag.

LSD Bouthaina

Bouthaïna / Brand Image & Mood Boards

Mood Boards created for the rebranding of the Bouthaïna Salons.
Art & brand crafted for Magu-Design.

LSD Features

Breed & NewWebPick Magazine Features / Illustrations

Artworks published in Both online magazines (Link to Breed / Link to Newwebpick)

LSD Grafuck

Lotus / Sweet Content Calendar 2009 Illustration

Poster project built-up for the Sweet Content Calendar 2009, where international artists contributed by creating an ilustration for every month.

LSD Digital Art - LST

Forget / Illustrations published in Digital Art

2 illustrations included in the upcoming book Digital Art from LST Publishers.
(Originaly created at 400mm .300mm / 300dpi)

LSD Collaborations

Various Collaborations / Illustrations

Unpublished collaborations with friends featuring Evgeny Kiselev, Théo Gennitsakis, John Leigh and Ravi Vasavan.

LSD Semi-permanent 2008

Semi permanent Book 2008 submission / Illustration

190mm.250mm / 400dpi illustration for the Semi Permanent 2008 Book.
Book soon available @ DiK Shop.

LSD Georges

TGV - Au départ de... Georges / Webdesign

Website flash module called Georges, part of the global website Temps de Vie TGV (SNCF) mixing Flash, video, 3D, Sound and generative sprites.

LSD IdN 15

iDN 15 / Illustration

Artwork submitted for the 15th anniversary of idN (Publisher, Asia).

LSD Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration N°3 / Illustration

DIN A4 poster (Collaboration with Nietylko)

LSD Love & Hate

Love & Hate / Illustration

Illustration submitted for the Project Polar.

LSD Break

Break ! / Illustration

DIN A3 poster (Collaboration with HelloColor!)


Selected works (2007). Not detailed.

LSD Property with Ellhniko

Property / Illustration

Din A2 Poster for Don't Panic Media, collaboration with Theo Gennitsakis.

LSD ES clothing

Mood Boards for ES / Illustration

Mood boards for the ES Clothing Company (2 times 210mm * 297mm and the boards in situation.

LSD My-brand 2

(Tm) for the My-Brand Book / Illustration

New artwork created for the My-Brand book, a project curated by Rumbero Design
who has become Peter & Wendy.

LSD Wagg Communication

I love Saint Germain / Global work

360° Art Direction (print / web / stickers / caps / DJ sets...) for "I love St Germain" Nights at the Wagg Club in Paris.

LSD Semi permanent 2007

100% Vazz / Illustration for the Semi-Permanent 2007

Selected illustration for the Semi-Permanent book, edition 2007.

LSD My-brand 1

My Brand Exposition / Illustrations

3 times DIN A2 illustrations for the My Brand Exposition. The exposition went through all Europe to showcase the work of known designers about the "brand".

LSD Fuse

Fuse / Corporate Identity

Fuse requested a new corporate Identity for the upcoming collections.

LSD Love & Desire

Love & Desire / Illustration

Artwork created on request. Shooting made in a dedicated studio.

LSD Dolce&Gabbana 1

Dolce&Gabbana / Illustration 1

Artwork created for a dedicated Dolce&Gabbana book, commissioned by Giovanni Bianco.

LSD Dolce&Gabbana 2

Dolce&Gabbana / Illustration 2

Artwork created for a dedicated Dolce&Gabbana book, commissioned by Giovanni Bianco.

LSD Global collaborations

Global Collaborations / Illustration & Book

Artwork created for the Global Collaborations book. The book will feature works based on collaborations of worldwide known graphic designers.

LSD Trips

Trips to Paris - Berlin - London / Illustration

Personal artwork. This work has been requested by the Bull in a China Shop band in October 2007.

LSD Ibm Xseries

IBM XServers / Illustration

Artwork created for the CeBit in Stuttgart (Germany) commissioned by Ibm for the Ibm X. Server series.

LSD Shall Deconstruction

Shall / Giant Illustration

Plastified Poster, 600mm*2000mm at 800gr/m². Commissioned by Amkashop.
You can buy your own copy here.


Logo & Stationary.

lsd vazz
lsd berlinmitte
lsd lysergid
lsd commodite
lsd proto
lsd reflexion naturelle
lsd insul
lsd echo chlor
lsd es
lsd conservativ
lsd kze
lsd blackmountain
lsd mass mechanics
lsd red baron
lsd licor
lsd you monsters
lsd black couture
lsd hand power
lsd LR RL
lsd WithASmile
lsd Male Law
lsd Strkt
lsd The Seven
lsd Cell Experience
lsd Milieu
lsd Priz2risk
lsd VolumeMax
lsd Cell Experience
lsd Milieu
lsd Priz2risk
lsd VolumeMax

Early works (2000 - 2007).

lsd lysergid
lsd lysergid
lsd zuppi mag
lsd pigeons
lsd decibulles
LSD Illustration
lsd artwork
lsd artwork
lsd graphical organic generation
LSD Illustration
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd plasma
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd artwork
lsd lysergid
lsd lysergid
lsd lysergid
lsd lysergid
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
lsd deconstruction
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